We started subtl.ai with a vision to do enable knowledge workers with an expert AI bot that can understand any questions they ask and locate the best answers for them from all of their private documents/sites/knowledge bases/custom content and so much more!



Text documents

Feed in all your text/scanned documents and look at answers highlighted in your text directly. You will never have to manually open a PDF again!

Website URLs

Our platform can ingest webpage content along with any downloadable text documents that are available on the same page


Feed in videos along with the text transcripts to locate the exact minute that contains an answer to your questions

Custom models

A fully automated process to safely train custom models based on your content and answer ratings

Use cases


Supercharge all your employees with contextual AI for them to instantly find information to help with onboarding and operations support


Contextual AI can help route questions of learners to the best answers from all their textbooks, class-notes and videos at once. Studying reimagined!

Banking and Insurance

Financial institutions can collate all their knowledge seamlessly through existing documents and any additional custom knowledge bases to add to the AI on the fly!

Live for 250,000+ Users!

State Bank of India

AI powered information support for branches from regulations and private circulars


Information support for core design office teams, from defence standards and regulation data


Remote site information support during maintenance, repairs and root cause analysis from heavy machinery manuals

Embed our AI using REST


Enabling chat bots by powering them with automated content querying based on conversation


Enabling AI powered information access to documents
in a DMS

Ed-tech platforms

Embed an AI layer to understand doubts of students and locate best answers from text content and videos


Embed our AI to your websites to automate answering questions that your customers have


At subtl.ai we want to revolutionise how business access their private text data on a day to day basis. The vision is to disrupt segments like Life sciences research, Operations support, Law and Education.



Co-founder / CEO

 Computer Science @ BITS-Hyderabad 

Research background in NLP, Document summarization, Semantic understanding.

Nidhi-EIR fellow @ IIIT-Hyderabad


Co-founder / Product

Computer Science @ JNTU-Hyd

DB workflow infrastructure for Wells Fargo 2017-2019

Awarded by IT minister of Telangana for Product Innovation

Experience in Database systems, Full stack development and Devops

Manish Shrivastava

Chief Scientist

 Assistant Professor,LTRC lab @ IIIT-Hyderabad.

PhD @ IIT-Bombay in 2006

Research Background of 15+ years in NLP, Q&A systems, Information extractions.

Leela Sai Dev

Head –  Marketing

NIT Tirichy, BBA @ OU

Ex- Learnzilla, Classplus, Ekincare, Kriyo

Ed-tech hustler with 5+ years of experience in sales and customer success 


Arihant Jain

Product Engineer

Information Technology @ Techno India college of Technology 

SAP Security for CGI

Experience in Backend development and subsystem integrations

Raaed Ahmed Syed

NLP/ML research

Computer Sciences @ BITS-Hyderabad

 Document extraction research contributions @ American Express




NLP/ML research

MS in Computational linguistics @IIIT-Hyderabad

Language Research lab @ IIIT-Hyderabad

Document Question answering ninja


Sanjay Jesrani

Founder @ GoNorth Ventures

Dr. Sanjay Jesrani is an executive-turned investor with a seasoned portfolio of startups like Popicorn, GTM Buddy.

Srikar YV

Director, Government relations @ Redbus


Advises Subtl on the Business Modelling, Customer Acquisition and Go To Market Strategy.


Ramesh L

Research/Innovation outreach @ IIIT-Hyd

Ramesh Loganathan is one of the pioneers of the Hyderabad startup ecosystem, being involved since 2002 



Prakash Y

Head, Technology transfer @ IIIT-Hyd

Over his career, he has played pivotal roles around driving research outcomes for startups and corporations alike.